Meet Here Mornings: Creating the Company Culture You Want and Need to Succeed

Event Details

Wednesday, August 4 from 9am to 12pm.

About the topic:

Company Culture – sound like a topic for a big company or at least one with deep pockets? Not true, you are creating a company culture even before you hire your first employee. It starts with your customers, develops with your first hires and can evolve and strengthen as you grow. We will be discuss the ways to identify the culture you want and need in order to have your business succeed as well as the traps to avoid that can lead to customer and employee issues and ultimately reduced profitability. Think Zappos and Google versus BP and a host of others.

About the Speaker:

Caroline Valentine, President, ValentineHR

It isn’t always possible or necessary for a business to employ their own Human Resources staff, yet the critical functions are indispensable. We provide on demand and retainer based HR consulting services to ensure your organization runs smoothly.

The schedule for this event will be as follows:

9:00 – 9:30 – Networking
9:30 – 10:00 – Speaker: Caroline Valentine
10:00 – 12:00 – Guests are encouraged to continue their networking conversations and stick around Cospace to try out 2 free hours of coworking in our community space.

Cospace will be hosting ‘Meet Here Mornings’ in our Boardroom. In order to maintain a collaborative and networking-friendly environment, the events will be limited to 20 people. This is a free event. You do not have to be a Cospace member to attend.

Bring something to write on, plenty of business cards and your laptop or work supplies if you plan on coworking after the networking and speaker sessions. Coffee and water will be provided. You are welcome to bring a snack.

About Cospace

Cospace is the intersection of people, space and resources. Cospace promotes coworking, but looks to go beyond it. One of the ways we will do so is by providing resources that support entrepreneurship and business growth in Austin.

‘Meet Here Mornings’ is an event series designed to connect entrepreneurs and small business owners with the industry experts and resources that they need to grow their business or turn their idea into reality. The series is designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. This event will consist of a networking session, a hands on learning session and an opportunity to kick off a productive day with some free coworking time at Cospace.

Please visit our site for more information about coworking in Austin, meeting space rental or ‘Meet Here Mornings‘. If you’d like to suggest a topic for our next event, or if you are looking to meet a specific type of contact at this event, please email me directly at .

About andrew

Currently using every ounce of my marketing, branding, financial, accounting, sales, networking skills, along with my hardwork and hustle to help build and develop Cospace. Every day I am learning how to use the new tools that have been given to us as professionals, ie twitter, facebook, etc, and blending them with the proven communication tools that business professionals have been using for decades.
My professional goals include the further development and growth of Cospace, as well as developing my personal skills in the areas of design, technology, and communication.

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